Screen Printing Acrylic Computer Panels - Restoration Silkscreen

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So sometimes,  a customer will walk in and approach me to take on a commission that I haven't seen before.  We start discussing the brief and the potential difficulties and best approach to take.  The PDP-8 computer panels are one such job.  The customer, Mr Rod Smallwood presented me with photographs and drawings of these panels.  My job was to convert the drawings into working printable layers and to simulate the dispersal of light through the panel in the correct way.  The substrate was perspex and it was to be screen printed full bleed on both sides.  

The job had lots of difficulties and each issue was discussed and prototypes were made and criticised until we made our final version.  Something we are both proud of, partly down to our determination and Rod's skills in engineering and my art working and printing abilities.  The panels are currently on their way to museums and collectors, mainly in the USA and many more will be made to satisfy this small but enthusiastic group of collectors.  The next version is already being drawn up and yet more improvements will be implemented. 

 screen printed plastic pdp panelsilkscreen panel acryrlic pdp8

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