The experimental screen printers

In the studio recently we have been extremely busy with a huge range of projects.  We have printed acrylic panels for restored computers, water slide transfers, cork boards, metal switch boards, mdf, silicone swimming caps and now a lycra for a super hero suit!

As a studio manager I try to always help with a project someone is working on as I can see how passionate people can become.  Primarily we are an art and fabric screen printing studio however through our greater understanding of inks and substrates we can feed that knowledge into our everyday printing.  Screen printing is incredibly diverse and although a speciality of ours we can appreciate our craft and develop our skills with each new challenge.

Talking of challenges, 'Rosier & Parker' is a new shop which will be opening soon.  The shop will sell homewares, gifts and artwork, most of which will be printed by studio members and designers.  The shop will be in Newbury and will showcase local artists and handmade unique products.  It is something the Saturday market stall has been doing on a smaller scale with much success.  It is now time to expand the range of Emily Parker's stock and bring in a new wave of screenprinters.


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