Starting a t-shirt screen printing business

The studio was set up about 2 years ago now.  I set it up as a place for artists to screen print in a well equipped friendly atmosphere.  The studio has never had a quiet day because of all the great customers who visit.  We have recently been busy helping  artists make the jump from hobby to professional artists.  We have done this by teaching in workshops and supporting them in open access and then sometimes selling their work in the Rosier & Parker shop too.  

It is a really good idea to buy a few quality items which have been chosen for your needs when it comes to screen printing kit.  We use film positives to expose our screens which means we don't have to hand paint the emulsion onto the mesh.  We custom make the screens to the size needed and make sure you have all you need and only what you need.  We won't sell you a 6 screen carousel if all you need are a pair of hinge clamps.  

For example.  If you are starting a t-shirt printing business, why not do a 1 day workshop, learn the correct technique of pulling the ink and find out which supplier to get your shirts off.  You can get your screen exposing done in the studio or learn how to do them yourself.  Take out the stress of making mistakes and find out how to do it properly from the start.  Obviously screen printing is a skill which is mastered through experience and you never stop learning but it is better to begin your business by investing in yourself and a good squeegee!

Call Chessie on 07581438572 to come in and print in the studio or find out how to set up at home. 


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