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Cipriano Martinez in the studio

art berkshire film positive open access screen printing studio print bench screen print screen print workshop screenprinting silkscreen

So today I had the pleasure of assisting Cipri in the studio, his work is always very interesting and he is working on a range of projects some about Venezula.  Here are a couple of photos I managed to snap inbetween prints. Check out his website

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St. Gabriels Girls in the studio!

art berkshire class design grafitti pre exposed screen screen print screenprinting silkscreen spraypaint studio workshop workshops

So this morning I had the pleasure of meeting some of the students from St. Gabriel’s 6th form. We had the screens all pre exposed so they were ready to print. The girls took it in turn to pull their prints and started helping, experimenting and mixing the colours together in no time. We had fun printing onto different materials and they bought in some more textures and fabrics to test too. Miss Dillon had a go too with a Marilyn Monroe print and everyone mucked in trying out a few techniques. We then coated a screen together and exposed...

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New Table

art colour wheel craft design ink printing prints screen print silkscreen workshops

Just in case you were looking for inspiration when it came to colours now people can use the table (once the glass goes on) to smear on ink and match the right colours.  Plus it makes a colourful addition to the studio.

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Workshop Screen Printing Vouchers

art craft newbury present printing prints screen print screenprinting silkscreen workshops

The workshop vouchers are all printed now and will be on sale online soon.  The workshops will run twice or three times a week and the class sizes will be limited to 5 people to make sure they are high quality and everybody gets lots of attention.  I have already bought the studio card for printing on and will be testing the workshops out on friends and family soon to make sure they are perfect and run smoothly.  Here is what they look like! They would make a great Christmas present!  

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