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The studio is all clean and tidy for the weekend

design drying rack hand bench open access print bench screen print studio

The studio is looking bright and clean at the moment and the kitchen is going in and the street sign is going up.  So close to the opening I have quite a few visitors already in to print.  Helping me test the workshops and equipment on all the different media from wood to t-shirts.

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Drying rack for screens

design drying rack newbury open access screen print screenprinting silkscreen workshops

The screens need to be dried quite carefully in a dust free and warm environment.  So I have invested in a mini de-humidifier and heater and am building this wall mounted drying rack to hold up to 16 screens of different sizes.  With the extractor fan I hope I can make it the perfect drying room this weekend.  Just sanding and screwing these in and going to paint them up in the morning.  I have also made a squeegee holder to keep them all organised and neat.   

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Print Drying Racks

drying rack printing prints screenprinting workshops

So every printer needs a drying rack to keep all the prints safe and clean inbetween layers and so you dont have to hang up hundreds of prints on clothes lines all over the studio.  I have just finished sprucing up these three racks in bright colours to tie in with the workshop.  Each print bench will have one right next to it ready for all those long print runs.  

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