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Cass Art is a fab supplier!

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I have had lots of people asking about the 'ink' the studio uses, most of the time it's actually acrylic ink - system 3 to be precise.  The best supplier I have found is Cass Art who have shops in all the coolest places in London. "Let's Fill this town with artists" is part of their Manifesto.  The paint come in loads of different colours and you can buy mediums to mix in to make sure they don't dry out in the screen and print well onto fabrics etc.  The good thing about Cass Art would be how they employ...

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Everything is coming together!

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So this week all the major kit is being manufactured and I am looking into buying lots of screens for hire in the studio. This will mean you can bring your own or borrow one of ours.  I am also on a search for a large paper drying rack as this is looking to be tricky but I am sure it will come together soon. I am going to be looking for the first set of artists in the next couple of weeks who I can review and start selling their work.  Exciting!!

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Excited about Pick Me Up 2013

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'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House is where all the top artists exhibit and I booked my ticket ages ago.  I will be there to get the word out about Squeegee & Ink and meeting lots of new artists on the way.  Plus I will definetly be buying a few prints to decorate the studio.

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The Alley

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Just deciding what to have done to the wall? Would a simple paint job a mural or the logo be best.  I might have to have a go with my spraycans soon.   I have found some metal planters to get on with and will be involving some friends to help paint and decorate all these areas.   

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