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Pre Exposed Screens and Film Positive Printing

already exposed film positive hand bench open access pre burned screen pre exposed pre exposed screen screen print screenprinting silkscreen

So the more unusual aspects of the studio have been growing recently like the pre exposed screen service and the film positive printing.  It means that the studio can play a part in other studios and individuals print projects as well as helping with advice and helping people source the best supplies.  This week the exposure unit has been working hard and we have been printing some super size A0 film positives too.  We have also been working with a local packaging/courier to get you the best possible delivery service.  Pack & Send - Newbury.  So as always let me...

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Pre Exposed screens and screen cleaning for screen printing

pre exposed pre exposed screen screen print screenprinting workshop

The studio has all the gear and lots of top quality emulsions to prepare your screen without the hassel.  If you just need to clean your screen you are welcome to pop in and use the chemicals and power washer for a small fee.  Then we can get your new ideas on the screen ready for your latest work.  We also have lots of different scoop coaters and can give you advice on suppliers for papers and speciality inks to make your work the best it can be.    

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T-shirt printing is super easy - even halftones

newbury open access pre exposed pre exposed screen prints screen print screenprinting something to do t-shirt tshirt

So I was playing with some haftone images and did this skull wearing a tiara.  It was really easy with the halftone software and the ink is really soft to touch, exactly what I wanted.   I teach this process in the studio and you can leave with your own shirts ready to wear at the end of the afternoon!                                

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Pre Exposed Screen Service

already exposed burnt screen newbury pre exposed screen cleaning screen print screenprinting washout booth

Get your images exposed onto a screen ready for you to take away!  You can email over your images with information on what type of screen you would like, for example highly detailed artwork printing or textiles.  Then the screens will be made up and exposed for you.  Here is an example of a recent order.   One screen is made up for printing onto card and the others for detailed textile printing.  Take all the guess work out and email any questions to

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