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New Table

art colour wheel craft design ink printing prints screen print silkscreen workshops

Just in case you were looking for inspiration when it came to colours now people can use the table (once the glass goes on) to smear on ink and match the right colours.  Plus it makes a colourful addition to the studio.

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Workshop Screen Printing Vouchers

art craft newbury present printing prints screen print screenprinting silkscreen workshops

The workshop vouchers are all printed now and will be on sale online soon.  The workshops will run twice or three times a week and the class sizes will be limited to 5 people to make sure they are high quality and everybody gets lots of attention.  I have already bought the studio card for printing on and will be testing the workshops out on friends and family soon to make sure they are perfect and run smoothly.  Here is what they look like! They would make a great Christmas present!  

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Aprons on as things heat up!

printing prints screen print screenprinting silkscreen squeegee workshops

I printed my aprons on the carousel with the logo today. It was really easy to get into a rhythm and register them accurately on the platen (the board that holds the shirts in place). I also used the heat press which gets hot in no time and I printed and cured all 13 in less than an hour.  The heat press can be used for transfer papers too, where you print the design using an inkjet printer and then just use the press to transfer the image directly onto the fabric.  I haven't tried this yet, but will soon...

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Print Drying Racks

drying rack printing prints screenprinting workshops

So every printer needs a drying rack to keep all the prints safe and clean inbetween layers and so you dont have to hang up hundreds of prints on clothes lines all over the studio.  I have just finished sprucing up these three racks in bright colours to tie in with the workshop.  Each print bench will have one right next to it ready for all those long print runs.  

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design printing screenprinting squeegee workshops

So the exposure room has its special light in now, this yellow light blocks out the UV spectrum of light that reacts with the emulsion on the screens, so you can coat the screens without worry. The Exposure unit is looking mighty big in it's new home too!  The unit has an inbuilt vacuum which holds the screens and film firmly to the glass, this ensures a clean and accurate exposures so details and lines appear sharper.   

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