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So close I can smell it!

printing screenprinting squeegee workshops

    So the equipment is in now, just waiting for a couple of doors and a sink and you wont be able to get me out of there! This is the baby bench and there are two big ones and a massive exposure unit, all brand new and shiney! Very excited.    

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Exposure units

printing screenprinting

The Exposure unit started arriving today.  The rest should be in soon so hopefully, fingers crossed I will be more or less set up by next weekend! Ready to start pulling everything together and get some artists in.  

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Screen Printing Workshops and Courses in Berkshire

design ink printing prints screenprinting spraypaint squeegee workshops

We have a different take on workshops, we think they should be a time to experiment play and create a range of unusual effects, not just one type of image on one kind of paper.  By using a range of experiments the workshops can show you what works best in terms of paper, inks and layout.  More advanced workshops can explain the more advanced processes involved in CMYK printing and using photoshop and illustrator to have more control over your designs.

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Infographic - How to screenprint

infographic ink printing screenprinting squeegee

I made an infographic to show people the process and the steps involved in preparing the screen.  When attending a workshop all these steps will become much clearer as you learn through experiences. The really fun part is the printing and using the squeegee.  

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Screens for printing

printing screenprinting workshops

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