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The Print Benches

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The screen printing tables are being made up at the moment and should be delivered by June! Very exciting....The screens are attached to the bench and holds it in place above the table.  The table has a vacuum to hold the paper in place and allow the artist to do many copies of the print quickly.

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Everything is coming together!

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So this week all the major kit is being manufactured and I am looking into buying lots of screens for hire in the studio. This will mean you can bring your own or borrow one of ours.  I am also on a search for a large paper drying rack as this is looking to be tricky but I am sure it will come together soon. I am going to be looking for the first set of artists in the next couple of weeks who I can review and start selling their work.  Exciting!!

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The Yard - The new home for Screen Printers

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