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Pre Exposed Screen Service

already exposed burnt screen newbury pre exposed screen cleaning screen print screenprinting washout booth

Get your images exposed onto a screen ready for you to take away!  You can email over your images with information on what type of screen you would like, for example highly detailed artwork printing or textiles.  Then the screens will be made up and exposed for you.  Here is an example of a recent order.   One screen is made up for printing onto card and the others for detailed textile printing.  Take all the guess work out and email any questions to

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Learn to Screen Print with our experience days!

berkshire class craft day out fun day newbury prints screen print screenprinting stag do wash out booth washout booth workshop

Need a Christmas present for someone arty? Would you like to get them a really unique experience day? Screen Printing is fun and exciting and the experimental workshops at Squeegee & Ink can get you printing in hours, with tips advice and help on hand to get the best out of your design.  Screen Printing is a stencil technique so you can print lots of copies of your design quickly and start playing with colours, layers and even printing onto t-shirts.  We have done all the hard work for you and you can come and learn this great technique all...

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Wash Out!

ink screen cleaning screenprinting squeegee wash out booth washout booth

So this is the wash out booth, its illuminated with a back light so you can see the images appear when you wash out the emulsion. I use a small power washer and a hose to wash the ink and emulsion off and to de-grease the screens.  Washing the screens can get noisy so ear guards are handy.   

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