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Doing some multi-layered fabric printing

fabric open access screen print screenprinting silkscreen textile workshop

Today Sarah and Pete were in printing up some designs onto cotton and a few posters too. They used a combination of water based and plastisol inks.  Sarah had some beautiful illustrations of little birds and abstract tree branches which she printed up in a couple of colour combinations. Can't wait to see what else they come up with.  

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James and the Bear

design grafitti halftone learn to screen print print bench screen print screenprinting silkscreen workshop

A great way to spend the afternoon on a rainy day.  James is an A Level student and today he developed one of his illustrations from travelling all round the country drawing endangered animals.  The bear was picked out and splashes of colour were added after a few mini tests.  In the end he decided bolder and brighter the better! We used half-tones to soften the edges of the coloured layers then the illustration sat on top.  Here are the reslts from his first go at screen printing.    

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Pre Exposed screens and screen cleaning for screen printing

pre exposed pre exposed screen screen print screenprinting workshop

The studio has all the gear and lots of top quality emulsions to prepare your screen without the hassel.  If you just need to clean your screen you are welcome to pop in and use the chemicals and power washer for a small fee.  Then we can get your new ideas on the screen ready for your latest work.  We also have lots of different scoop coaters and can give you advice on suppliers for papers and speciality inks to make your work the best it can be.    

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St. Gabriels Girls in the studio!

art berkshire class design grafitti pre exposed screen screen print screenprinting silkscreen spraypaint studio workshop workshops

So this morning I had the pleasure of meeting some of the students from St. Gabriel’s 6th form. We had the screens all pre exposed so they were ready to print. The girls took it in turn to pull their prints and started helping, experimenting and mixing the colours together in no time. We had fun printing onto different materials and they bought in some more textures and fabrics to test too. Miss Dillon had a go too with a Marilyn Monroe print and everyone mucked in trying out a few techniques. We then coated a screen together and exposed...

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Screen Print tea towels

craft learn to screen print newbury open access screen print screenprinting silkscreen tea towel textile workshop

The workshops are really a way for you to learn the technique of screen printing so you can apply it to your own interests and ambitions.  I had the pleasure of showing Emily Williams how to print her designs onto tea towels and this is a good example of how a workshop can be tailored to your needs.  Once you learn how to set up a screen and pull your first prints the possibilities really are endless.  Bags, cushions, lamp shades, aprons, t-shirts, limited edition prints! You name it and we can help you learn to screen print it!  ...

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