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Print Drying Racks

drying rack printing prints screenprinting workshops

So every printer needs a drying rack to keep all the prints safe and clean inbetween layers and so you dont have to hang up hundreds of prints on clothes lines all over the studio.  I have just finished sprucing up these three racks in bright colours to tie in with the workshop.  Each print bench will have one right next to it ready for all those long print runs.  

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design printing screenprinting squeegee workshops

So the exposure room has its special light in now, this yellow light blocks out the UV spectrum of light that reacts with the emulsion on the screens, so you can coat the screens without worry. The Exposure unit is looking mighty big in it's new home too!  The unit has an inbuilt vacuum which holds the screens and film firmly to the glass, this ensures a clean and accurate exposures so details and lines appear sharper.   

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So close I can smell it!

printing screenprinting squeegee workshops

    So the equipment is in now, just waiting for a couple of doors and a sink and you wont be able to get me out of there! This is the baby bench and there are two big ones and a massive exposure unit, all brand new and shiney! Very excited.    

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Screen Printing Workshops and Courses in Berkshire

design ink printing prints screenprinting spraypaint squeegee workshops

We have a different take on workshops, we think they should be a time to experiment play and create a range of unusual effects, not just one type of image on one kind of paper.  By using a range of experiments the workshops can show you what works best in terms of paper, inks and layout.  More advanced workshops can explain the more advanced processes involved in CMYK printing and using photoshop and illustrator to have more control over your designs.

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University of Southampton Take Off Competition Prize Winner 2013!!!!!!!!!

grant screenprinting workshops

I am so excited today! I am graduating from Southampton University very soon and took part in their “Take Off Competition” for Entrepreneurs and new business ideas.  I pitched Squeegee & Ink to three top professors and thankfully won a grant for the studio.  This is going to help with buying all the rest of the things I need and make sure I open fully equipped and raring to go.  

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