Film Positives for Screen Printing

Film positives for screen printing


We print film positives for you onto acetate to use when exposing your screens.  These use UV resistant ink on a clear film which is especially for exposing your image onto a screen.  A good exposure starts with good artwork and therefore crisp film positives. 

Just email your design at the correct size and include your postal address and we can post your acetate out. Email to :

You can email for a tailored invoice/quote or buy directly online.

We have printed film positives up to 15 metres by 110cm.  We print on a continuous roll of film.  We can print other proportions other than the standard A sizes.  If you consolidate your images into one image this is often cheaper for you.  E.g 4xA4 images = 1 A2 which is £12

If you are using the studio for open access at the time you are eligible for discounted acetate rates! use for bigger files.

Film Positive Sizes

If it is a custom size just pop us an email with the dimensions and we will work out the price and invoice you for payment.

As we have a large 44" epson printer we can print custom sizes, strips for any project. Email for more info 

Why use our positives?

We use a special RIP software for producing the films and use our Epson 9900 44" inkjet to produce the films.  The film is especially made for exposing images for screen printing.  

Here is a great link which shows how to prepare the artwork for t-shirt

Accepted Formats

  • .bmp (Bitmap)
  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)

Artwork Checklist

  1. Artwork should be sent 100% black and white. No greys. (The black will be the ink when printed) If the images are not Greyscale or CMYK files and black they may be halftoned by the software we use. 
  2. Make sure your artwork is set at the exact size you want it printed.
  3. Make sure your .psd, .pdf, or .bmp file has a resolution of at least 300dpi.
  4. All text layers should be rasterized or converted to outlines. (this is because I may not have the same fonts as you)
  5. Multi-color images should have each color on a separate layer preferably saved as pages on 1 pdf document.
  6. Any greys in the image will automatically be changed into 70dpi halftones by the RIP software used when printing your artwork. 


We print the positives in house and hand roll them in newsprint.  The delivery charge is calculated at the end.  If you would like a custom size you can email to find out the price and delivery charge for that size.