Pre Exposed Screens for Screen Printing / Silkscreen

A screen with your design exposed on, ready for printing.  Just email your design to and let me know the print size you need and what you are printing onto so I can advise you on the correct mesh and screen and will give you a quote. Standard sizes are shown in the shop.

Exposing a screen involves degreasing, coating the screen with emulsion, then using our in-house printed acetates to expose the image on the screen.  This is then washed out and ready to print with. 

For Fabric or Paper and everything inbetween!

I can make any custom size screens or just point you to the nearest size.

Max sizes 1.25 metres x 1.6 metres for exposure unit exposures. 

DID YOU KNOW - I also sell any size squeegee and hinge clamps!

I can also expose your own screens or pick up your old screens and get them re-meshed or cleaned and sent back to you with your new designs exposed on.

I can do discounts for multiple screens and can expose very fine detail using our high quality emulsions and huge exposure unit. I pride myself on exposing beautiful screens to the highest standards.  I have worked with individuals, big brands and many small business owners and crafts people.  I can do a one day turn around (screen drop off and pick up) in special circumstances and can expose 15-150T mesh.  Exposures start from £15 to £40 for big screens and includes the decorating of the last image and the acetates! 

exposing screens for silkscreen printinghow to expose screen for screen printing